Committee for Private Education (CPE)


In order to regulate the private education sector in Singapore, Committee for Private Education (CPE) has been established under the Private Education Act 2009. All Private Education Institutes (PEIs) are required to comply with the regulations under the new Act.

For more details about CPE, Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) and the EduTrust Certification Scheme for Private Education Institutions in Singapore, please visit the website of Committee for Private Education (CPE) at

Wise Oaks International School is registered as a Private Education Institute by the Committee for Private Education.

Wise Oaks International School CPE Registration No: 202033658K

Period of Registration:
September 30, 2021 to September 29, 2023

Student Contract

The Student Contract is a critical document that governs the relationship between the Private Education Institution (PEI), i.e.Wise Oaks International school, and the student. Prospective students should therefore understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated in the contract before signing it. The Student Contract needs to be signed before the course fee is paid.

The Student Contract contains information on course information and details of course fees, refund policy, fee protection scheme, medical insurance scheme and additional information relating to the governing law and dispute resolution.

Click here to view the Advisory Note.

Click here to download a sample of the PEI Student Contract.

Medical Insurance

In compliance with regulations and with the intention of providing basic medical coverage, Wise Oaks has a medical insurance scheme in place for all students.

The medical insurance provided,
  • Covers hospitalisation and day surgery only.
  • Does not coverany pre-existing illness; and
  • Does not cover outpatient treatments, unless they are for follow up treatment related to a hospitalisation/day surgery and incurred within 90 days prior to or after the day surgery or hospitalisation.

For emergency outpatient treatments due to accidents within 24 hours of the accident; GP (General Practitioner) bills are not claimable

Payment of the Claim Amount

The insurance company will pay on a reimbursement basis. The student will have to pay the hospital first and submit all original hospital bills for reimbursement. The student will then be refunded for the eligible claim amount, by cheque or via bank transfer.

Dispute Resolution Policy

Any and all disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination shall be settled using the way arranged by Wise Oaks in the first instance. If the Student and the school cannot settle a dispute using the way arranged by the school, the Student and the school may refer the dispute to the CPE Mediation-Arbitration-Scheme.

All disputes and the resolution of such disputes (whether conducted through mediation, arbitration or otherwise) shall be strictly confidential between the parties.

For details:

Wise Oaks safe handling policies

This policy covers staff, pupils, visitors, and other users of the premises. It aims to show the School Management Team’scommitment towards ensuring the health and safety of everyone in the school.

We aim to:
  • Establish and maintain safe working procedures for staff, students and visitors to the school.
  • Develop safety awareness amongst staff, students and visitors to the school through regular and systematic training
  • To provide and maintain safe school building and equipment for use in school
  • Ensure all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of users of the premises, of all participants on school trips and at external facilities for school related activities.
  • Formulate and implement effective procedures for use in the event of fire and other emergencies, investigate accidents and take steps to prevent a re-occurrence.

Wise Oaks is committed and shall strive to continually improve our Safety and health performance by complying to legal and other requirements.

Wise Oaks Safe Management Measures to meet Covid19 Regulations

Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, now declared a global pandemic, in Singapore, Wise Oaks International School will closely monitor the evolving situation and strictly adhere to the precautionary measures implemented by the Singapore government. Amid this precarious period, we would like to reassure you that the safety, health and well-being of all students, parents and staff remain our utmost priority. The following measures will be ensured as issued by the Singapore authorities to limit the risk of the transmission of COVID-19 in Singapore.

For Teachers, Staff &visitors
  • Safe Entry is mandatory
  • Temperature Checking - all visitors are required to have their temperature checked on arrival.
  • Safe Distancing Measures- 1 meter spacing will be implemented during your visit to the school.
  • Mask must be worn at all times in the school.
  • All visitors to the school will have their personal particulars and temperature taken. Entry to the premises may be denied if the visitor has temperature above 37.5°C.
For Students

We would like to seek fullest cooperation from parents and guardians to keep students at home if they show flu-like symptoms. Students who are unwell need to seek medical advice immediately. We can all play an important role to keep the school safe by exercising social responsibility.

Students are reminded to bring the Trace Together token or download the Trace Together app for entry into Wise Oaks.

Regular temperature screenings and sanitising of hands in the morning will continue to be carried out at the main gate upon entry. Students will be reminded to uphold good hygiene standards and to take their temperatures after their breaks. School facilities will also be cleaned and sanitised daily, especially high touch surfaces.

Organizational Structure

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