Student Support Services

Wise Oaks International School (Wise Oaks) believes in the holistic development of the students and is committed into looking after their wellbeing to develop them into healthy and well-rounded individuals.

General Counselling

Students with personal or academic problems may approach their Class teacher, Principal/Vice Principal or Counsellor. All issues brought to our attention will be kept in the strictest of confidence. When necessary, advice and assistance will be sought from external agencies, details of which can be shared in person when required.

Mental Wellbeing - Monthly Counselling session

At Wise Oaks, we oversee the academic support and progress of the students with various learning needs. We do provide learning and social-emotional support and interventions to better understand the students' learning abilities.Student Monthly Counselling sessions may include, one of the following:

  • • Counsellor Session
  • • Leadership Talk Sessions
  • • Talk on Physical & Mental Health by medical health professionals
  • • Activities to help improve concentration
To know more, kindly contact School

Academic Wellbeing

Our student academic support system taps and stretches each student's academic development. We seek to ensure that learning gaps are identified at the earliest and are addressed well in time. Each teacher monitors the students' academic work, develops, and implements student specific strategies, and provides timely and appropriate feedback to parents. Following will be part of our academic support.

  • Remedial classes
  • After school support
  • To know more, kindly contact School

Social-Moral Wellbeing

Students learn best when the significant adults in their lives -- parents, teachers, and other family and community members work together to encourage and support them. This basic fact is our guiding principle as we think about how we can involve parent and extended community to help us bring out the best in our students. The following will be involved in developing the Social-Moral wellbeing of our students.

  • • Thought Leaders
  • • PEERS Group Members (Parents Enthusiastically Engaged in Rendering Support)

Home-Based Learning in case required

We understand that COVID-19 is a difficult time for everyone. We would like to support our students and parents as much as we can and as required by government authorities.

  • Please let us know if your child needs the following support during this time.
  • Counselling support (for students only)
  • A conducive HBL environment in school (approved only on a case-by-case basis)

Financial Assistance on case-to-case basis

At Wise Oaks, we believe in ensuring that all students have a right to a good education. Impacted parents can approach us for viable, mutually agreeable solution. Each request will be taken up on a case-to-case basis as long as all supporting documents are provided.

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