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Our Philosophy

Our Guiding principle is to ensure holistic development of children with focus on their physical, emotional, intellectual, technological and social development and well-being. This is sought to be achieved through a multitude of opportunities for students to go beyond the learning of the core academic subjects. The breadth of co-curricular activities that the school offers and the participation of students in various competitions are proof of our school's commitment towards children's well-rounded development.

We believe in nurturing the child by guiding and helping our students to develop their moral, aesthetic, physical, intellectual, emotional and social domains to the full so that they will become good and useful citizens.

  •  Sharing the wisdom, experience and past heritage
  •  Empowering learners to see the world for a new purpose and mission
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Genesis Of Wise Oaks

A plethora of late-night conversations that inherently seem unending for parents like us often takes one form: 'my child'. Given the number of limited schools to enrol international students in Singapore, it is only natural that parents are stressed on where their child will be able to grow the most. At Wise Oaks International School (Wise Oaks), we obsess over every minute detail in ensuring that your child would have the most enriching educational experience and developmental growth. We want to put an end to those late-night conversations and assure you that Wise Oaks is the destination of choice for your child. In a child's life, we recognise that school plays one of the most significant roles, and at Wise Oaks, we take this responsibility very seriously.

Our school management team is backed by over 100 years of collective administrative and educational experience, having worked in and managed international schools in Singapore. We take pride that Wise Oaks is a school conceived and run by passionate educators. As veteran educators, we do realise the importance of putting the child's education and his holistic development at the heart of all that we do in our school. We believe that our students have the right to the best quality education. If this education is provided at an affordable cost, then we are sure, no child will be deprived of this basic right.

We all agree that learning has no boundaries. We believe in educating not only the minds of our students, but their hearts and souls too, ultimately leading to their development into great human beings. This is what led to the inception of Wise Oaks International School. We aim to provide education that transcends all boundaries!

Given our experience, we also recognise that education is not just about books. Hence, we actively employ an Observe-Interact-Evaluate-Decide framework that allows holistic development of each student here. At Wise Oaks, we offer a Cambridge Curriculum, which is enhanced with the Singapore Mathematics and Get Reading Right (GRR) programs to inspire and start our learners on an exciting educational journey. It provides a strong academic foundation for students at the beginning of their schooling before progressing through the rigours of a secondary curriculum in an age-appropriate way.

We provide a broad and balanced education based on the learning needs of our students, helping them to thrive throughout their schooling, work, and life. Teaching instruction caters to each students abilities and learning styles, resulting in a community of happy, confident, and engaged learners.

We focus on building knowledge skills through subject based learning and project work. Character development plays a vital role in our curriculum. We have specially designed Enrichment activities that help shape the character of students and have enhanced our curriculum by including field/ educational trips, by inviting prominent personalities who could share their views and help develop the personalities of students, our weekly assemblies, our extra and co-curricular activities.

Providing each child with a holistic educational experience is important to us. Our unique co-curricular programme, run during school hours, extends curricular learning by providing students with creative, performance, service, and sporting opportunities. Besides, for those who want more, like learning a new Language (our LingoLex program), Robotics or Dramatics, these are available as paid CCAs. Specialist lessons also form part of our curriculum. These classes are taught by specialist teachers with creativity-infused lessons that can unlock a child's imagination and significantly transform their learning experience.

It's worth emphasizing that we place our students at the centre of our all that we do, and we will ensure the all-round development of every student, every single day.

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