Assessment structure

The backbone of our learn curriculum is authentic assessments, which require students to apply new knowledge and skills in a practical way. Assessment is integral to the teaching-learning process, facilitating student learning, and improving instruction, and can take a variety of forms. Classroom assessment is generally divided into three types: assessment for learning, assessment of learning and assessment as learning. Assessment structure at Wise Oaks International School aims to 'close the gap' between a learner's current level of Learning and where they want to be in their learning and achievement.

1) Formative Assessment

AFL- "Assessment for Learning" is conducted as an ongoing process of observation of the Learner's understanding of the Learning objectives. This helps to make an opinion and arrive at a review of the knowledge of the student learning the topic. The curriculum incorporates several forms of formative assessments. Some of the strategies are:

  •  Sharing clear learning intentions/ objectives for lessons with learners
  •  Sharing and negotiating lesson success criteria
  •  AFL strategies embedded in lessons and in learner tasks, encouraging learners to express ideas about what they are learning and what helps them to learn
  •  Facilitating peer and self-assessment
  •  Encouraging learner responses to feedback and marking that includes individual target setting

This process includes many kinds of classroom activities like Quiz, Puzzle, Tic Tac Toe, Crossword, Puzzle, Debate, Discussion, Role play, Project work, Question and Answer, etc. These can either be teacher-led or focused on learners working together.

2) Summative Assessment

Sometimes referred to as Assessment of Learning. This assessment sums up the learning of learners at the end of periods of learning at the end of every term. This is measured against clearly defined standards. Then, the teacher evaluates and appraises all aspects of child's personality both cognitive and non- cognitive. This enables a teacher to keep track of a student progress from time to time.

The continued Cyclic Formative and Summative assessments are designed to engage whether the learning has been internalized, whether the student will be able to relate this learning in different situations under different contexts, whether this learning will provide a base for Expanded Learning Opportunity.

Assessments Guidelines

Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments will be held to test the progress and achievement of each child.

For Cambridge Primary Curriculum Grades 1-2
Terms Assessment
Semester 1 FA 1- 20 marks SA 1- 30 marks
Semester 2 FA 2- 20 marks SA 2- 30 marks
For Cambridge Primary Curriculum Grades 3-5
Terms Assessment
Semester 1 FA 1- 10 marks + SA 1- 40 marks FA 2- 10 marks + SA 2- 40 marks
Semester 2 FA 3- 10 marks + SA 3- 40 marks FA 4- 10 marks + SA 4- 40 marks
For Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme Grades 6-8
Terms Assessment
Semester 1 FA 1- 10 marks CA 1- 40 marks FA 3- 10 marks CA 2- 40 marks
Semester 2 FA 2- 10 marks + SEM 1- 90 marks FA 4- 10 marks + SEM 2- 90 marks
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