Parent community (PEERS)

At Wise Oaks, we firmly believe that education is a responsibility shared by school and families. We strive to establish a strong partnership with parents to effectively achieve the academic and character development of students. In addition to the activities and efforts initiated by the school, the PEERS Group (Parents Enthusiastically Engaged in Rendering Support) plays an integral role in initiating new opportunities to strengthen our association.

The PEERS Group at Wise Oaks is our Parent Support Group. PEERS complements the school by aligning with the school's objectives, supporting, and strengthening the school's programs to improve our children's well-being and learning.

The objective of the PEERS Group is to listen to parents' feedback on school operations, practices, and programs, and provide feedback to the school. The PEERS Group also facilitates the school's communication to parents.

Research shows that parents who are actively involved in school matters are better able to reach out to other parents and involve them. Over time, more parents can contribute to make the school environment more conducive for learning.

21/22 PEERS Executive Committee (EXCO)

The Chairperson and the members will be appointed once the PEERS EXCO is formed.


Photographs of PEERS @ Wise Oaks

PEERS distributing bubble tea
PEERS distributing bubble tea
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