Promotion Policy

All students are automatically promoted to the next class at the end of the academic session. If a teacher is of the opinion that the student is not ready for the next class, in such case, the teacher in consultation with the parents and Principal can retain the student in the same class.

For Cambridge Primary Curricul Grades 1-5

• As a policy, we do not retain students in the same class at the end of an academic year. However, if a student is found struggling with the curriculum and consistently does not show any improvement at all, the principalin consultation with the teacher and the parent can retain the student in the same class. This change will be initiated only upon receiving a formal written request from the parent for the same.

For Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme Grades 6-8

As far as overall assessment of a student for the purpose of promotion to next class is concerned, the following points will be adhered to:

• For Grades 6-8, promotion is granted based on the performance of the pupil during the entire session.Each student is required to get a qualifying grade D or above in all the subjects in the Scholastic Area.

• 85% attendance is imperative

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