Wisetech Codespark

The greatest gift of the internet has been universal knowledge. Children today are born into a world where technology is deeply integrated into the fabric of daily life. Technology is entwined in almost all parts of our daily lives. It affects how we communicate, play, socialize, and learn.

At wise oaks we believe that technology in elementary education is important because it helps prepare students for the digital future. It teaches 21st-century skills that are necessary to be successful in today's world. Now, most jobs have a digital component that will only grow and get more complex as time goes on. Therefore, technology prepares students for their future. Further, it sets them up to be successful in our increasingly digital economy.

Keeping this in mind we have diversified our school curriculum. The Wisetech Codespark is a very well thought and designed program that will be offered at Wise Oaks from Grades 1-8. To know more, kindly contact our admissions team.

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